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company news about Process flow of ultrapure water equipment for semiconductor cleaning

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Process flow of ultrapure water equipment for semiconductor cleaning

Process flow of ultrapure water equipment for semiconductor cleaning

In recent years, China's science and technology rapid development, the electronics industry accounts for the main part, in the electronics industry, semiconductors also occupy an important position, semiconductor cleaning ultrapure water equipment effluent quality is stable and equipment operation is reliable.


Process description of ultrapure water equipment for semiconductor cleaning

The water quality of ultrapure water for semiconductor cleaning must also have strict requirements, and the equipment can operate stably. The raw water is pressurized by the raw water pump, so that the water enters the primary pretreatment system to remove rust and other organic substances in the water, then enters the secondary pretreatment equipment to remove some color of residual chlorine, and then after the third stage of pretreatment, to remove the hardness of the water, the security filter purifies the water again, and then passes reverse osmosis and EDI to remove excess impurities in the water, and finally passes through the microporous filter to further treat the water. Make the water meet the water requirements.


The standard for ultrapure water in the semiconductor industry

The semiconductor industry should follow the relevant standards of China's electronics industry, and also meet some foreign water quality standards. At present, many water treatment manufacturers have failed to meet the standards, and the effluent quality of our ultrapure water equipment can meet these standards, and the water quality is stable, and it will not cause secondary pollution.


Ultrapure water equipment for semiconductor cleaning adopts the latest technology, which can realize the characteristics of unattended, the equipment occupies a small area, the degree of automation is high, and the water quality is stable, up to 18.2 trillion, and the wastewater recovery rate of ultrapure water equipment is high, up to 80% to more than 90%.

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