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What Are The Industrial Applications Of Inline Heaters?

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What Are The Industrial Applications Of Inline Heaters?

July 30, 2023
Latest company case about What Are The Industrial Applications Of Inline Heaters?

Inline heaters, sometimes referred to as circulation heaters, have a number of different industrial uses.


Inline heaters make use of heating elements that are covered with a special type of vessel chamber that has anti-corrosion properties. This type of heating is indirect. The fluid is circulated through a closed loop around the heating element until it reaches the correct temperature. Then it’s passed out of the tank through a nozzle. Different uses may require different flanged connections, sheath materials, or temperature ranges. These heaters are often insulated to help increase their efficiency.


The Parts Of An Inline Heater

Inline heaters are made up of a number of different parts:

The heating element and its sheath and thermal insulation.
The pump unit that pushes the fluid to be heated through the system.
The fluid itself, which passes through a loop around the heating element, getting hotter with each pass.
The outlet nozzle where the heated fluid is pushed out of the system once it reaches the correct heat.
Thermocouple sensors that determine when the liquid has reached the desired temperature.
A control system that varies in its complexities – some allow the unit to be turned on and off, but have a set temperature, while others are more flexible and allow the user to change the temperature.
There are some optional components that can be added to an inline heater. These include stronger cases that are moisture resistant or are strong enough to contain an explosion. Additional flange types and mounting equipment are also available.


Use Of Inline Heaters

Water Heating: Inline heaters are often used for heating clean water for a number of uses, such as industrial washing. These heaters may be mounted either vertically or horizontally. If the water is being heated for washing food, it makes use of a stainless steel flange and makes use of an Incoloy sheath. Selecting the correct inline heater depends on the desired water flow rate and on the specifications provided on the heating element (its wattage, the area it can heat, etc.). The ease of cleaning and maintaining inline heaters make them especially attractive to those in the water heating industry.


Steam Heating and Gas: Inline heaters are used in the steam heat and gas industry to heat a number of different gases for various applications. They are mainly used for heating these three gases:

Argon, which is used for welding, heat processes, and to prevent oxidation during a number of other processes.
Helium, which is used to fill airbags, balloons, and to create a protective environment for the manufacturing and production of electronics.
Nitrogen, which is used in pipelines to push liquids forward and in laser cutting.
Heated steam can be used in atomization, sterilization, and in propulsion.



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